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Fallen Workers Memorial Scholarship

In memory of our fallen Brothers and Sisters, USW Local 12-591 has instituted this memorial scholarship and grant program.

Scholarship and Grant Applications are open September 1st to March 1st.

Scholarship Application

Scholarships are available to all high school seniors in Skagit, Island, Whatcom, and Snohomish counties, as well as to the children of our members wherever they may reside, who have been accepted or applied to an accredited institution.

If you are a high school senior, regardless of whether you have college credits (such as running start, etc), THE SCHOLARSHIP IS FOR YOU.

*Grants are for students in their second year and beyond of college AFTER graduating high school.

Grant Application

Grants are available to college students who are the spouse or child of any union member in their second year through post-graduate school who reside in Skagit, Whatcom, Island, and Snohomish counties, as well as to the children of our members wherever they may reside.

NOTE: Changes have been adopted to assure complete GRANT applications. As adopted by the Scholarship committee:

After final awards are determined, $50 will be deducted for each of three incomplete categories: 

     1) Complete application, 
     2) Letter of explanation for request as well as stating student's major/trade, 
     3) Copy of transcript.

Any deducted amounts will be distributed equally among all complete applications.

PLEASE make sure your GRANT applications are complete AND all supporting documentation is included.

Quick Tips

We understand that time and effort are put into each scholarship. In an effort to aid you in writing your essay, we want to let you know what we, as a scholarship committee, are looking for:

1st Priority - Did you answer the question?

This is our primary focus. Applicants are expected to understand and answer the essay question. Our primary grading is on this.

2nd Priority - Did you research the subject, and have you provided facts to support this?

The purpose of the essay is to not only pay tribute to our Brothers and Sisters that gave their lives, but to pay their legacy forward by teaching the next generation(s) the value of labor. So, did you research the subject, and more importantly, did you learn from this?

Last Priority - Grammar, spelling, punctuation

This is something we look at, and we prefer this to be correct (most word processing applications have spelling/grammar check built in). However, we also realize that not every applicant will be attending Harvard nor majoring in English Studies. Many of our applicants are looking to build careers in vocational fields or other fields of study where spelling/grammar may be of less significance. As long as you can communicate your thoughts on paper, we overlook basic errors.

In the end, what you put into this essay is what you will get out of it. We are not professors. We are workers, as well as subject matter experts, in our respective fields (refining, chemical, maintenance). Our goal is to enlighten today's youth to the trials and tribulations of the labor movement and to help show that many of the things we take for granted today were made possible by the sacrifices of organized labor, both in the past and the present.

We sincerely wish every applicant, regardless of their path forward, the best of luck as you move forward in your lives.

Scholarship/Grant Bylaws

The rules we run the program by


We appreciate the hard work our applicants put into their essays, however we strongly urge applicants to NOT use wikipedia as a source of information as it may contain unconfirmed fact(s). Please limit your research to controlled data sources.

As our members are painfully aware, we have lost brothers and sisters at our various worksites over the years. Fathers/Mothers, Sons/Daughters, friends, coworkers... we may have interacted with them in different ways, but the losses are felt equally by us all. In memory of our "Fallen Workers", a memorial scholarship/grant program was instituted in 1998.

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