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Welcome to USW Local 12-591

Continuing our work to protect and grow the middle class, we encourage everyone to explore our site, learn what you can, and decide whether organizing your workforce would be right for you



Your NOB committee will be at the Hall this Sunday and Monday to meet with our members, explain what's been happening, and answer questions. Please do whatever you can to be at the hall at one of the times listed below.

Sunday, March 01 @ 2:30PM
Sunday, March 01 @ 7:00PM

Monday, March 02 @ 11:00AM
Monday, March 02 @ 2:00PM
Monday, March 02 @ 4:30PM

Please print/post this flyer as needed.

Election Process Update - Correction

There's been some confusion around our elections - specifically nominations. Unlike our previous bylaws where nominations were made during the two meetings prior to the vote, our bylaws now allow for nominations to be made ONLY at the March Local meeting with the vote taking place in April.

Any nominations that were made at the Feb Local meeting are not valid. PLEASE plan to renominate the folks during the March Local meeting. We apologize for the misunderstanding.

NOBP News Updates


There will be a rally at the USA gas station (corner of Burlington Blvd and George Hopper) this Saturday (Feb 28). The gas station is owned by Tesoro. Bring the kids, help make signs, show the community we are solid. There will be pizza and drinks served at the hall after the rally.

Show up at the hall at 9:00AM to start making signs. The rally will run from 11:00AM - 1:00PM. Here's the flyer.


Feb 26, 2015 Update - Shell says it wants resolution, but that ain't gonna happen if they won't meet
Shell states “We remain committed to continued safe operations and productive negotiations.” (see the quote here).

Question #1: How do you remain committed to safe operations while utilizing an improperly trained workforce? Answer: You don't!

Question #2: How do you remain committed to productive negotiations when you won't meet at the bargaining table? Answer: You don't!

Nothing but lies from the industry. We're here because they chose to go here.

While waiting on any news of bargaining, here's some more info from a couple sources:

Letter to US Oil Workers from your International Union

For Shell Anacortes members, a note from your Unit Chair (save your money)

And last, let's step up and help our Brothers/Sisters next door. There are a number of ways to help.


Feb 25, 2015 Update - Nothing to Update  
Still no talks reported as Shell still hasn't returned to the table.
In the interim, some more learning opportunities..

An explanation of why we are fighting and why picket duty is critical

By the way, this is a great time to help out our Brothers and Sisters next door and practice your picketing skills. The Tesoro Unit can always us more picketers. Stop by or call the hall to volunteer. Ryan will let you know where/when they can use the help and explain the rules around legal picketing.

A letter from Dave Campbell, explaining the difference between a ULP strike and an Economic strike. Thank you Dave for the great explanation.


Feb 24, 2015 Update
Nothing new to report. The Union has asked Shell to come back to the table but Shell has not scheduled new talks. Seems rather childish. Nothing is accomplished by not bargaining. As reported in the media, more walkouts may be needed.


Feb 23, 2015 Update - When all else fails, make it look like it's not their fault
Seems one way to achieve fair bargaining is for our (Shell Anacortes) refinery to bargain directly, via email, with the membership. Same tune as at the National Oil table - we care (but not enough to do the right thing). Your Unit Chair has responded to this email, setting the record straight. Read it here.


Feb 22, 2015 Update
Not much to report. The four sites listed below have walked out. Still trying to get Shell to take bargaining seriously. You can read all the Oil Strike press releases and newsletters here.


Feb 21, 2015 Update - More Strikes Called
As Shell continues to refuse to bargaining fairly (or bargain much at all), we're left with no choice but to increase facility strikes to force the issue. Read the story here

Again, this isn't about money, it's about SAFETY. Not only did Exxon just suffer a catastrophic explosion, once again our own Shell Anacortes refinery just sent strong odors outside the gates, alarming and sickening local residents (as reported in media outlets - read about it here and here). Let's be clear, these facilities need to improve safety. That includes fatigue management so employees are not "dead on their feet" as well as proper maintenance. They can afford to do this and we can help (as soon as they pocket their arrogance).

Sites that are being called out in this round, are:

     Shell Port Arthur Refinery - Port Arthur, Texas
     Shell (Motiva) Norco Refinery - Norco, Louisiana
     Shell (Motiva) Norco Chemical - Norco, Louisiana
     Shell (Motiva) Convent Refinery - Convent, Louisiana

Here are some more links for your reading pleasure:

     High Country News - After a string of accidents, refinery workers strike for safety

     KUOW - Safety Problems Old And New At Anacortes Oil Refineries

     Bureau of Labor Statistics - Fatal and Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses in the Oil and Gas Industry


Feb 20, 2015 Update - It's Groundhog Day - The Movie
Offer number 7 rejected. While Shell did provide the requested information and brought their maintenance expert, there is still no meaningful movement of items, especially in how to safely staff the facilities. As stated via Reuters and Bloomberg, more sites may be pulled to force Shell to bargain fairly. You can read the Bloomberg article here

On a side note, as we continue to fight for safe refineries, not only to protect ourselves but to protect our communities as well, we're once again vividly reminded of the risks associated with this industry. Exxon's Torrance California refinery just suffered a catastrophic event. An explosion occurred in their electrostatic precipitator (ESP) on their CAT (Fluidized Catalytic Cracking) unit. The explosion blew to top of the precipitator off. As luck would have it, there were only four reported minor injuries. This is what it's come too... safety is a matter of luck, not design. They can do better, much better. We shouldn't be SAFE BY ACCIDENT. For more info on the explosion, go here


Feb 15, 2015 Update
Managers bedding down as refineries enter week 3 of USW strike. As Reuters reports, safety remains a big concern. Read article here.
Bloomberg reports 3 of the 11 refineries have experienced significant upsets.
It's now more than just our member's safety at issue, with the unqualified workers now running multiple plants, it's the communities safety at stake as well.


Feb 12, 2015 Update
With Shell proving unable to provide the requested information, talks are suspended until Wed. Feb 18. Picket lines remain strong, good support from the communities. For more info, check out the Oil Strike Newsletter


Feb 11, 2015 Update
Talks haven't amounted to much. Instead of bringing their expert on refinery maintenance, Shell brought a confidentiality agreement and excuses. Further, they've made clear they will not agree to language that restricts their ability to staff facilities as they see fit, regardless of the safety implications. And, they will not agree to language limiting their ability to contract out our jobs. Talks are continuing. Stay strong.


Feb 10, 2015 Update
Talks have resumed. No word on progress as of yet. Another way to keep informed... the Oil Bargaining Facebook Page


Feb 09, 2015 Update
Lines remain strong at all 11 striking locations. Support is pouring in. Talks to resume tomorrow


Feb 06, 2015 Update
With minimal movement shown by Shell, two more units are called out to strike @ 11:59 PM Saturday.
Read the Bloomberg article here...

For a good article explaining the true reasons for our strike (NOT money, it's about SAFETY!!!), read this article


Feb 05, 2015 Update
Oil Industry offer shows minimal movement. All Locals instructed to reject latest offer. Waiting on responses to information requests. Bargaining to resume next week.


Feb 04, 2015 Update
Talks resumed, minimal progress made. Meetings to continue. Striking Locals are receiving lots of support


Feb 03, 2015 Update


Steps to prepare work stoppages


Feb 01, 2015 Press Release

National Oil Bargaining Update - Strikes are underway

After Shell's fifth, and still insulting offer was rejected, Shell walked away from the table. As a result, we were left with no other option than to begin work stoppages to show the oil companies that we are serious about bargaining.

We've been lucky to break even over the last few years even though the oil companies have raked in tens of BILLIONS of dollars in profits.
They need to bargain fairly and seriously.

For those of you called out, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. For the rest of us, now's the time to support those that are taking a stand on all of our behalves.

Units that were called out @ 12:01  AM are:

  • LyondellBasell - Houston, TX

  • Marathon Galveston Bay refinery - Texas City, TX

  • Marathon Houston Green Cogeneration - Texas City, TX

  • Marathon Refinery - Catlettsburg, KY

  • Shell Deer Park Refinery - Deer Park, TX

  • Shell Deer Park Chemical - Deer Park, TX

  • Tesoro Anacortes Refinery - Anacortes, WA

  • Tesoro Martinez Refinery - Martinez, CA

  • Tesoro Carson Refinery - Carson CA

See the official press release here...

Local Elections are here

All Local positions are up for election. Positions open are: President, Vice President, Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Chaplain, Guide & Guard and all Trustees (5)

We'll post the nominating committee members when available.

Shell Unit Elections are forthcoming

Looking to get involved in your union? Add your voice, step up and play a part? Now's your chance. Shell Unit elections are about to begin.

The nominating committee consists of Brothers Geno Stemme, Alex Englund, and Scott Campbell.

To get your name on the ballot, you can contact a member of the nominating committee, attend the March Unit meetings to be nominated, or sign a letter stating your intent to run and have a fellow member nominate you at the March meeting AND provide the signed note.


Positions opening up are: Unit Chair, Recording Secretary, Chaplain, Guide & Guard, Workers' Committee At-Large (2), Medical Committee (2), and Joint Health & Safety Committee - Operations and Maintenance positions (1 each).

Download flyer here.

HIE Unit Elections are here

Positions up for election are: Unit Chair, Workers Committee Recording Secretary, Workers Committee (3), and Shop Stewards.

Nominations will be held at March's Tuesday Unit meeting - March 31, 2015 from 4:30PM - 6:00PM at the University of Hawaii West Oahu (UHWO) CLEAR classroom B217

Voting will occur at April's Unit meeting - April 28, 2015 from 4:30PM - 6:00PM at the University of Hawaii West Oahu (UHWO) CLEAR classroom B217 as well.

Tesoro Unit elections are here as well

Contact you're unit leadership for open positions. More info will be posted here as it becomes available.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are your way to stay informed and have a say in the direction of your union. Click here to see when your meeting is scheduled.

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