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Remodeling Update

Most of the work is now completed. There's minor trim work, counter supports, boxing in the fan vent, etc.

With OT where it's at, we'll get those as soon as possible.

The plan right now is to get the final updates done next week to make the kitchen fully usable.

At present, it looks like the savings for the entire remodel amounts to about $75K. Not bad.

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Chemtrade Finalizes Purchase Of General Chemical

It's done. Chemtrade recently bought out General Chemical, including the Anacortes plant. At present, it appears everything stays the same except for the name. For their new release, go here...

CSB Holds Its Public Comment Meeting in Anacortes

The CSB has held its public comment meeting regarding the Tesoro Anacortes Incident in April 2010. Along with the meeting, Tesoro released the draft report. To read the full report, click here... (2.33M)

One item to note in this report is that this incident is not solely put on Tesoro's doorstep. The report clearly references suspected poor practices by the original refinery owner (Shell Oil) as well as non-binding, poorly written API Standards, and finally poor understanding of the mechanisms that led to this tragic incident. Sadly, these failed policies remain in practice today. More needs to be done to assure everyone goes home safely. For further reading, KUOW has a short article

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