Chemtrade - Anacortes WA

Chemtrade provides fresh sulfuric acid to both the Marathon and Shell refineries as well as regenerating both refineres spent sulfuric acid.

Chemtrade also provides sulfur recovery process units for the Marathon refinery.


Island Energy Services - Hawaii

Originally a Chevron facility, Island Energy Services bought out Chevron's Hawaiian assets. These members maintain the terminal facilities.


Marathon Refinery - Anacortes WA

 Originally a Shell facility, Marathon operates the oil refinery at the north end of  March Point.


PAR Refining - Hawaii

PAR operates the Kapolei Hawaii refinery.


PM Northwest - Pacific Northwest

PM Northwest supplies contract maintenance/workforces for running maintenance, turnarounds and projects for the area's industrial facilities.


Shell Refinery - Anacortes WA

Originally a Texaco facility, Shell operates the oil refinery at the south end of March Point.